Haz-Mat Operations (HMO) and Fire Fighter -1 (FF-1) Pro-Board Certification offered by Bucks County Community College

Click here to register for the HMO and FF-1 Certification Testing for those currently enrolled in the 2023 Essentials Programs

Testing Fee:  $150 for HMO and $150 for FF-1  – In Association Departments are FREE

HMA Certification is a prerequisite for HMO. (If you do not have the HMA Certification Test, you will be issued the HMA test the same day as the HMO test)

HMO is a prerequisite for FF-1

HMO Certification Test (Written and Skills) is Saturday, May 20, 2023 at 8:00 am.
FF-1 Certification Test (Written and Skills) is Sunday, May 21, 2023 at 8:00 am.

Test Location –
Cambria County Regional Fire Academy Training Site
292 Ott Road
Patton, PA 16668

Contact Bill Cornell with any questions at 814-659-1171

ONLY Students must be currently enrolled in one of the 2023 Essentials of Firefighting Module-4, ELIF with Live Fire can enroll in the FF-1 Certification Test.

6th Annual Cambria County Regional Firefighter’s Leadership Development Academy
Schedule for 2024 To Be Deternined

The Cambria County Regional Firefighter’s Association in partnership with Bucks County Community College is pleased to announce the 6th Annual Leadership Development Academy. Students in this program will have the opportunity to gain an understanding of the critical skills that are necessary to develop, in order to support successful leadership in their fire organization. The course will strengthen the idea that effective leadership in today’s fire service involves more than just tactics.

By partaking in lectures, assessments, and skill building activities students will gain an understanding of their own personal leadership assets and liabilities. Throughout the course, students will gain an understanding of the most important skills associated with leadership based on sound research. The course will consist of 16 related leadership topics taught by highly regarded professionals. To achieve a CHIEF Leaders Certificate student must attend and participate in at least 13 of the courses. Certificates will also be issued for individual classes.

Classes will be held on Monday and Wednesday evenings beginning January x th and concluding ??? xth. Classes will be held from 7pm to 8pm via Zoom on the Bucks County Community College platform. Classes will also be recorded and placed on the Cambria County Regional Firefighters Website but must be competed within a week of the original presentation.

Any questions regarding the Leadership Academy please contact Jerry Brant via email:  jbrant.decoplan@verizon.net


NOTICE: Online Registration is CLOSED

2023 Cambria County Fire School <click here to register online>

  1. Weekend #1: April 14-15-16, 2023
  2. Weekend #2: April 21-22-23, 2023
  3. Weekend #3: April 28-29-30, 2023


  • Dynamics of Emergency Vehicle Response class has been cancelled due to an Instructor Injury, Weekend #1, Friday night April 14, 2023


The 2023 Fire School Brochure <CLICK HERE>


2023 Essentials of Fire Fighting <click here to register online>

2023 Essentials of FF Confirmation Page – Click here to visit the confirmation page for a list of the current registrations

No paper registrations will be accepted… All registrations must be done online

The Cambria County Volunteer Firemen’s Association will be hosting the Essentials of Firefighting “IFSTA” programs in six (6) locations starting in January 2023 at the following stations: <click here for the official Notice Flyer to download>

  1. South: West Hills Regional F.D. (Westmont Station)Tues. Jan. 3, 2023 (6:00 PM start time)  <click here for the preliminary calendar schedule>
  2. Central-West: St. Michael (Adams Twp. #2) Vol. Fire Co., – Tues. Jan. 3, 2023 (6:00 PM start time) <click here for the preliminary calendar schedule>
  3. Central-East: Cresson Vol. Fire Co., – Sat. Jan. 7, 2023 (8:00 AM start time) <click here for the preliminary calendar schedule>
  4. North: Patton Vol. Fire Co.,Sat. Jan. 7, 2023 (8:00 AM start time) <click here for the preliminary calendar schedule>
  5. Indiana County: Clymer Vol. Fire Co.,Sat. Jan. 7, 2023 (8:00 AM start time) <click here for the preliminary calendar schedule
  6. Blair County: Logan Twp. – United Vol. Fire Co.,Sat. Jan. 7, 2023 (8:00 AM start time) <click here for the preliminary calendar schedule>

 Class schedules have been developed (subject to change) and can be downloaded from the county assn. website: http://cambriavolfireassn.com  All classes will have an associated lab fee payable to the “Cambria County Fire School” and can be sent to the address at the bottom of this letter. These lab fees will help offset the costs associated with Buck’s Training Program fees, fire extinguisher refills, drywall replacement, roof simulator plywood, propane, vehicles for car fires, EMS/Rehab Stand-by Fees, site facilitators, etc: (the associated lab fee is per student *** see Special Notes below)

  1. Intro to the Fire Service (ELIS Level-1) – 16 hours (minimum age: 14) ($15.00 lab fee) ***
  2. Haz-Mat Awareness (HMA) – 4 hours (minimum age: 14) ($5.00 lab fee) ***
  3. Fire Ground Support (ELFG Level-2) – 32 hours (minimum age: 14) ($35.00 lab fee) ***
  4. *First Aid and CPR – 9.5 hours (minimum age: 14) ($35.00 total for lab fee & for FA & CPR cards)
  5. Exterior Firefighter (ELEF Level-3) – 40 hours (minimum age: 14) ($40.00 lab fee) ***
  6. Haz-Mat Operations (HMO) – 24 hours (minimum age: 16) ($25.00 lab fee) ***
  7. Interior Fire Fighting with or w/o Live Fire (ELIF Level-4) – 48 hours (min age: 18) ($60.00 lab fee)

*** SPECIAL NOTES: *** No Charge for Cambria County Regional FF’s Assn. Department members, a grant was received for training this year

Each student will be required to have the following book for each course:

  1. IFSTA – 7th Edition Textbook of the Essentials of Firefighting
  2. Jones & Bartlett – Hazardous Materials 2nd Edition Textbook

Note: IFSTA 7th Edition can be purchased at a special rate of $80.00 (approximately a $10 savings) through the Cambria County Regional Firefighters association, Please contact Paul Kundrod at 814-242-1830

The IFSTA – 7th Edition of the Essentials of Firefighting TEXTBOOK & the J&B Hazardous Materials TEXTBOOK can be purchased from the either the Western PA Firemens’s Association or the Lancaster County Firemen’s Association…visit their websites at:   http://www.wpfa.org/ or http://lcfabookstore.com/

Students must have the appropriate TEXTBOOK on the first day of each class.

Please complete the online registration portion for each student enrollment by December 15, 2022.

Online registrations will only be accepted:


The Cambria County Regional Training Academy is now open, click here to view the official notice

The Cambria County Regional Firefighters Association is promoting the use of its Regional Training Academy (the Fire School Site) at 292 Ott Road, Patton, PA 16668.

COVID-19 Safety Guidelines will be strictly enforced, everyone will be required to bring a facial covering and follow safe distancing and wearing of masks and proper PPE.

The Training Academy site will be open in the evenings from 6 to 10 pm, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of each week starting Monday October 19, 2020.  A site facilitator will be there to unlock and open the site, will assist the users with getting equipment out, charging the water system and will close and lock up the site at the end of the evening.

No Live Fire will be permitted during these evening sessions without prior approval.  The use of live fire will require DEP notification and must be a Bucks County Community College official approved course utilizing Active Suppression Instructors.

To use the Training Academy site, the fire department must be a member of the Cambria County Regional Firefighters Association and must contact Site Director Joe Adams to schedule your department. No Walk-ins will be accepted. There will be no charge to use the Regional Training Academy site for member departments.

All training props will be available for your training needs, but if supplies are used for certain props such as plywood for the vertical ventilation roof simulator, your fire department will be charged for the replacement of supplies for what you use.  Due to the current drought conditions, the pond will not be available for use until we get some heavy rains to replenish our water supply.  Some of our training props are:

 Burn Building*

Vehicle Fires* Dumpster Fires * Flammable Liquids*
Drafting Pond** Vehicle Rescue Pad Tower Maze Building
RIT Prop Rail Car Prop Roof Simulator Forcible Entry Door
Forcible Entry Trailer Fire Extinguisher Confined Space  

* No Live Fire

** Currently not available due to drought conditions

 If you have any questions or concerns…. please contact the Training Chairman Jim McCann, cell: 814-244-7863 or email: jmccann51@comcast.com

To schedule your training night and confirm your calendar date, contact Site Director Tony Sestrich, cell: 814-244-7993 or email: ams@atlanticbb.net

The Site Schedule is posted on the county association website Home Page…. www.cambriavolfireassn.com



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