The Cambria County Regional Training Academy is now open, click here to view the official notice

The Cambria County Regional Firefighters Association is promoting the use of its Regional Training Academy (the Fire School Site) at 292 Ott Road, Patton, PA 16668.

COVID-19 Safety Guidelines will be strictly enforced, everyone will be required to bring a facial covering and follow safe distancing and wearing of masks and proper PPE.

The Training Academy site will be open in the evenings from 6 to 10 pm, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of each week starting Monday October 19, 2020.  A site facilitator will be there to unlock and open the site, will assist the users with getting equipment out, charging the water system and will close and lock up the site at the end of the evening.

No Live Fire will be permitted during these evening sessions without prior approval.  The use of live fire will require DEP notification and must be a Bucks County Community College official approved course utilizing Active Suppression Instructors.

To use the Training Academy site, the fire department must be a member of the Cambria County Regional Firefighters Association and must contact Site Director Joe Adams to schedule your department. No Walk-ins will be accepted. There will be no charge to use the Regional Training Academy site for member departments.

All training props will be available for your training needs, but if supplies are used for certain props such as plywood for the vertical ventilation roof simulator, your fire department will be charged for the replacement of supplies for what you use.  Due to the current drought conditions, the pond will not be available for use until we get some heavy rains to replenish our water supply.  Some of our training props are:

 Burn Building*

Vehicle Fires* Dumpster Fires * Flammable Liquids*
Drafting Pond** Vehicle Rescue Pad Tower Maze Building
RIT Prop Rail Car Prop Roof Simulator Forcible Entry Door
Forcible Entry Trailer Fire Extinguisher Confined Space  

* No Live Fire

** Currently not available due to drought conditions

 If you have any questions or concerns…. please contact the Training Chairman Jim McCann, cell: 814-244-7863 or email: jmccann51@comcast.com

To schedule your training night and confirm your calendar date, contact Site Director Joe Adams, cell: 814-615-9733 or email: j.a.instructor@gmail.com

A calendar will be generated and posted on the county association website in the near future, www.cambriavolfireassn.com



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